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What we Do


We reduce your administrative burden
and reduce the key person risk of managing
your personal financial affairs

… while keeping you in control.


My partner has passed away.
What do I need to do now
to stay in charge of my finances?

Where do I start?

My Records
Money Manager

You may want us to be a little more involved in
your daily money management.

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My Records

Plan ahead with My Records Ready DOSSIER,
and help others avoid the big 'paper-chase'.

... and we do it all securely

My Records Ready VAULT provides encrypted document storage with access requiring 2-Factor authentication.


We are not a Tax Agent or Chartered Accounting service.  We do not provide legal, financial or investment advice.

We  act and liaise as your informed advocate – working with you and your existing relationships – to help you achieve the most effective results.

We support you to source the information you and they need, and identify the questions you may need to ask.