My Money

" Can't someone just sort all of this out for me? "

I’m a tap-and-go type of person. I don’t spend a lot of time on my daily finances. I just want to know there is enough money in my account

… I don’t have time to do bank reconciliations. I wouldn’t know if I’ve been billed incorrectly for something

… I’m really good at my own job, but I sometimes just need a little help staying organised in my personal affairs

… I’d be better prepared at Tax time if I managed my affairs a little better

… I’m doing OK, but I just need a little help to get to that next step 

… how do I track what I’m worth, and how I am positioned for the future?

My Records Ready offers a full daily money management service where we can do everything from organising your bills to maintaining your financial records

We customise services based on clients needs.

Bill Paying

  • Establish or improve your filing system
  • Set up and manage on-line payments
  • Forward cash planning
  • Account reconciliations
  • Help resolve discrepancies
  • Review existing expenses
  • Explore alternate service providers
  • Our role is to help administer your finances – but you stay in control of how you choose to spend your funds


  • Simple or complex
  • Annual or long-range
  • Regularly reviewed
  • Manage Loans
  • Savings Planner


  • Tax Returns can be complex
  • Step 1 is to ensure you have complete and accurate records
  • We can then provide your accountant with organised and relevant information in a format that they require in order to more effectively do their job


    • Working with your existing advisors, we help you manage and account for your investments
    • Generate personal financial reports to keep you informed of your net worth over time, and monitor cash flow
    • Practical steps for planning ahead for the future
    • My Records DOSSIER systematically documents how your finances work and how to access key information


  • Compile a summary of your financial position
  • Asset & Liabilities Tracking (e.g. shares, loans)
  • Track movements over time


  1. Identify your needs
    How you are currently
    – paying bills
    – tracking your spending
    – maintaining your financial records
  2. Recommended Action Plan and Suggested Services
  3. Set up your system
    Once you provide us with access
    to your accounts, we:
    – review everything
    – organise your financial assets so you can review them in one place
    – assess your cash flow
    – establish or improve your paper filing system
  4. Daily Management
    With systems in place, we help you to:
    – pay your bills
    – maintain your financial records
    – generate personal financial reports


We are not a Tax Agent or Chartered Accounting service.  We do not provide legal, financial or investment advice.

We  act and liaise as your informed advocate – working with you and your existing relationships – to help you achieve the most effective results.

We support you to source the information you and they need, and identify the questions you may need to ask.