My records Ready

" I'd like to be confident that my personal and financial information is
safe and secure."

… Is there something more secure than e-mail and having data stored on a home computer?

I’d prefer my data to be held in Australia

… where can I safely store and access important information in a timely and organised manner?  

My Records Ready provides
data encryption
for secure document storage and transfer
with access requiring 2-Factor authentication


  • Rather than simply exchanging information by e-mail, we will provide your financial information
    via access to
    My Records Ready VAULT
  • We use industry standard TLS to encrypt data in transit


  • Hosted in Australia under Australian law
  • Fully encrypted files using
    AES 256 standard


  • Your access to My Records Ready Vault will require
    2 Factor Authentication
  • All access to My Records Ready VAULT is logged in an audit trail


We are not a Tax Agent or Chartered Accounting service.  We do not provide legal, financial or investment advice.

We  act and liaise as your informed advocate – working with you and your existing relationships – to help you achieve the most effective results.

We support you to source the information you and they need, and identify the questions you may need to ask.