My records Ready

" I'd like to plan ahead and have others avoid the big 'paper-chase'
if something were to go wrong
and I was unable to continue managing all of the household financial matters as I do today. "

… some bills are auto pay and others are paid by phone or other methods.
We don’t seem to have a record of what comes from where, and when

… we have passwords for so many things

… what if we were to lose the the original documents.
Imagine if I needed to use Power of Attorney or Health Directive – and didn’t know how to locate the document

… only I truly know how our home finances work.
That’s a risk.

My Records Ready can help you organise your finances to the point where you can hand them off if you were unable to continue what you do today
… providing security & peace of mind

My Records

  • We systematically document how your finances work
  • How to access key information
  • We help you gather key documents that your Executor or Power of Attorney would need
  • Reviewed and periodically updated

Digital upload
to My Records Ready VAULT

  • We can help you convert important documents to a digital format
  • If requested we can then upload those files to My Records Ready VAULT


  • Hosted in Australia under Australian law
  • Fully encrypted files using
    AES 256 standard
  • 2 Factor Authentication to access the VAULT
  • Full Audit Trail


We are not a Tax Agent or Chartered Accounting service.  We do not provide legal, financial or investment advice.

We  act and liaise as your informed advocate – working with you and your existing relationships – to help you achieve the most effective results.

We support you to source the information you and they need, and identify the questions you may need to ask.